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Shape Bird - Educational Craft

Birds come in all shapes and sizes. And some birds come in just SHAPES! :) Here is a fun and educational bird craft you can do with your little ones.

Supplies: Craft Foam or Construction Paper in yellow and the color you want your bird to be.ScissorsGlue1" Googly Eye
Make it!
Step 1. Using the craft foam you choose for your bird, cut out a square about 3" big, a small semi-circle, and a small crescent shape.
Step 2. Cut out 3 small triangles from the yellow craft foam.

Step 3. Help your child name all the shapes, including the eye (circle). Tell them you're going to create an animal with the shapes. 
Step 4. As you show your child where to glue each shape (as shown below), have them try to guess what animal they are crafting. Add the Googly eye. Let it dry and you're done!

I love using my kids' art and crafts to decorate their rooms! And right now there is an AMAZING sale going on for a very cute way to let your kids be creative and create some art that would look so cute…
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Butterfly Activity & Craft for Kids!

One of LB's favorite preschool activities during our BUG week was this one! We have played with it several times so far and had so much fun coming up with new and beautiful butterfly designs! Some of the designs are LB's creations, and some are mine. 'Tis fun for all ages! :) Can be used as a great butterfly or bug craft, or even to teach kids colors as you mix and match!

Prep: Using different colors of craft foam, cut out the following:3 (or more) butterfly bodies, and draw smiley faces on each of them3 (or more) pairs of wings5 (or more) sets of different shapes (about 8-10 of each shape)

Here's what you do: Lay out all the craft foam pieces on the floor or table and show your child how to put them together to create a beautiful butterfly.Then let them do it on their own. It's so fun to see what they come up with! (I was surprised to see LB make his designs so symmetrical and simple. Since he's a wild and rowdy 2 year old, I expected something crazier from him, s…

4 Creative ways to make cute Mother's Day Cards with Kids Handprints!

Children's Handprints are so adorable!  Here are 4 fun and easy ways you can use your children's handprints to make cute homemade Mother's Day Cards for Grandmothers, or any special Moms you know with some cute scrapbook paper, and Finger Paints  **(Tip: I've tried several different brands of finger paints, and Crayola Finger Paints are definitely the best. I highly recommend them for crafting with kids!)

Click on the pictures below to see that post,  or click HERE to see all these posts.

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Valentine's Day Game! - Heart Toss

We love to play games. Here is a quick and fun little Valentine's Day game you can whip up for your little ones! It's an easy activity for kids all ages and would even make a great game for a Valentine's Day party! 

♥ Supplies: 1 piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper (Check out our post about some awesome deals of scrapbook paper packs on Amazon!!)ScissorsYarnHole PunchTape3 pieces of pink construction paper
♥ Prep Work: 1. Fold your 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper in half. Cut out a heart shape:
2. Then, about 1.5" inside that heart, cut another heart shape out:

3. Unfold it and you've got your Heart!
4. (**Set that inside heart aside for another craft we'll do next week!)  :)

5. Using a hole punch, punch a hole through the top of the heart (on both sides):

6. Cut 2 long pieces of yarn and tie them each through the holes:

7. Then tape the yarn onto the top of a doorway so that the heart hangs at a good height for your kids to be able to toss into:

8. Next, get 3 piece…

Christmas Games with Bows!

This was one of our activities for our "Presents" - themed week. Was so easy and fun, just like our Candy Cane Hunt, and  And don't forget to check out this post where we show you how to use practically any Christmas wrapping paper to make cute file-folder Christmas games for kids! Keep reading to find out how you can create some super fun and easy games with gift bows!  These Christmas games would be great for parties or even as Birthday party games! All you need is a bag of bows and kids who like to have fun. 

You will need: A bunch of gift bows (You can buy them fairly cheap this time of year. I actually bought this big bag of bows 3 years ago and have barely made a dent in using them---so finally I can put them to good use!)2 big bowls or buckets or bins.A child or children with lots of energy!

Here are a few easy game ideas:
1. Bow Run: Place 2 buckets each at opposite ends of the house. Fill one of the buckets with the bows.Have the child pick up one bow at a time and run …

ABC Ghosts - Halloween Game for Kids!

Our final "Ghosts" preschool theme activity for the week was a hit. (Much like our Pop-out Ghost Card, and our easy to make Ghost Matching Game!) This was such a fun and easy Halloween activity for kids and is a great way to teach kids the Alphabet. Especially since LM(6) was home from school to enjoy this fun game with us!  It's a great way to add a little learning and fun to your Halloween this year. :)

Supplies: 4 sheets of white craft foam (mine are half-size sheets like these)ScissorsMarkerPrep Work: You can draw lines (or just cut by eye) each sheet into 8 rectangles:

Then, with each rectangle form it into a ghost shape by cutting the top to make it round, and bottom to make it zig-zagged, like this:
 You can even stack a couple rectangles and cut 2 at a time!You'll have 32 rectangles, but you only need 26 ghosts for the alphabet. You can either cut them all into ghosts and use the extras for something else, or just leave the others as rectangles for something else …


originally published 10-14-2011
I found this idea on this blog: Mrs.Schmelzer's First Grade I thought it was so cute. We just had to give it a try!
We ripped up black, orange, & white construction paper and glued them on the paper candy corn.  Then we took strips of black paper and folded them accordion-style. We glued them on, and glued on hands and feet. Then we added some googly eyes and a nose & mouth!
All done!  Need paper? Get this huge pack of construction paper for a great price! Use it for this craft and all our other fun Halloween Crafts!

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Scrapbook Paper for an AMAZING Price!!!!

Scrapbook Paper is so much fun to use for crafts.  It adds another fun element of color and design to any creative creation. Sometimes, however, pretty papers can be pretty expensive. BUT, I found some AMAZING DEALS for some SUPER CUTE paper on Amazon. 
Each of these come with around 50 sheets of 12" x 12" papers. So many fun designs and colors it's hard to choose which to get! 
So get some cute papers and get crafting!

Also check out our post on the 10 basic and essential craft supplies we recommend for crafting with kids!

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