Zig Zag Green Apple Craft for Kids

We've had SO much fun getting in the Back-to-School groove with all our super easy apple crafts! (Like our fun Pop-up Apple craft!)
And this one was an especially big hit with my little 3 year old toddler.
Check it out!


How to Make it:
  1. Fold the white paper in half and cut out a "D" shape. Unfold it and there's your apple!
  2. Cut out strips of green paper, however wide you want!
  3. Help your child fold the strips using the "accordion fold" technique.
  4. Cut out a brown stem, and a green leaf.
  5. Put glue on the white apple shape, and have your child place the folded strips of paper on the apple from top to bottom.
  6. Let it dry, then trim the green papers that hang over the apple shape, so the edges are nice and even.
  7. Add the stem and leaf. 

All done!
The design looks really cool with all the zig-zag folds of the paper. A fun and unique way for kids to craft an apple as they get excited for school!

And this is also a great craft to hang up on your wall!

P.S. I just came across the cutest Apple necklace and earrings on Amazon. I especially love the light green apple ones. Aren't those just so cute!! These would be so fun to get to wear on your kids' first day of school. OR even better yet---to get as a gift for their TEACHERS! 

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