Sunset Craft for Kids

Celebrate the wonder and beauty of nature with this easy craft for kids! This is a perfect summer craft for kids. It's also a fun craft for a preschool ocean theme, or even a space preschool theme talking about the sun! (We have some other great space themed activities for kids HERE.)


How to Make it:
  1. Cut a medium sized strip of light blue paper, and some thin curvy strips of the dark blue paper.
  2. Cut a half circle from the yellow paper for the sun, and 7-8 rays to put around it.
  3. Glue the yellow half circle onto a piece of orange construction paper.
  4. Then glue the light blue strip over the bottom of the sun, so that the top is peeking out.
  5. Glue the dark blue curvy lines on top of the light blue paper. 
  6. Glue the rays above the sun.

All done!

And check out these fun books to go along with this craft!


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