Stegosaurus Counting Game!

Our 2nd activity during our Dinosaur Preschool theme this week was this fun counting game!
LB(3) and I recently read a book about Stegosauruses. He loved looking at the pictures and saying the word "Stegosaurus" over and over. So this simple little game was a big hit! It is also such a fun way to practice counting--because there's no better way to learn than with a fun and educational game for kids!


Prep Work:
  • Draw a simple dinosaur shape on the blue foam and cut it out. It doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure it has a big back to put all the spikes on. :)
  • Cut out 6 triangles from the brown foam.
  • Draw on an eye and a smile with a black marker.

How to Play!

  • Roll the dice and place that number of spikes on the stegosaurus's back! Easy peasy mac & cheesy. And such a great way for little ones to practice numbers and counting!

This is a fun way to practice counting out objects, which is a good skill to prepare toddlers and preschool kids for math readiness.

Do you like this idea?

Here are some great Stegosaurus Books to go along with this activity!


Check out these awesome Dinosaur themed kits that would be great for preschool or at home!

And add some super fun Dinosaur Worksheets to your fun from these Activity Books!

We have more awesome, fun and easy Dinosaur themed activities we've done. Check them out!

Looking for more activities for your little BOY?

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