Hatching Dinosaur Egg Craft

We made this fun craft during our Dinosaur-themed Preschool@Home this week!
I had a feeling LB(3) would love creating and opening a dinosaur egg and BOY was I right. :)
This is a fully interactive Dinosaur Craft and kids will LOVE IT!

And here are some super cute books to go along with this fun craft!



Prep Work:
  • With the white foam, cut out an egg shape. Then cut a zig-zag pattern down the middle, like a crack in the egg. 
  • With the green foam, cut out a bunch of circles for the spots on the egg.
  • With the purple construction paper, cut out a simple dinosaur-head shape. Doesn't have to be perfect, Just add an eye and a smile and your child will love it! :) 

How to Make It:
  • Give the dinosaur shape to your child and have them glue it on the paper.
  • Then place the egg on top of it so it covers the dinosaur up. Glue down one of the egg pieces.
  • With the other piece, place a brad on the corner of it so that it can slide the egg piece open to see the dinosaur!

Now you see me!

Now you don't!

(P.S. Check out this super cute backpack for your dino-loving kid!)

We have more awesome, fun and easy Dinosaur themed activities we've done. Check them out!




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1 comment:

Amy said...

I love this craft! I'm borrowing the idea for my Preschool Storytime at my library. Thanks for sharing!

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