Baseball Spelling

A fun activity for Spring Baseball season, or ANY time of the year!
Here is a great way to practice letters, spelling, and reading with your little ones.


Prep Work:
1. Trace 6 circles onto the white cardstock. You can use a cup to trace. Then cut them out.

2. With a red marker, draw 2 curvy lines on the side of the circles, and small straight lines going through the line, like the stitches in a baseball:

3. With a black marker, write the letters A, B, C, H, M, T on each of the balls:

4. Draw a bat shape onto the brown construction paper. Cut it out and trace 3 more on the paper, so you have 4 bats.

5. On the bats, write the words: BAT, CAT, HAT, MAT:

6. Trace a bat shape, and 3 circles onto the green construction paper:

7. **Optional: If you want this activity to stand the test of time, go ahead and laminate it with these self adhesive laminating sheets! Then you can enjoy it without worrying about pieces getting ripped and wrinkled. :)

 All done, ready to play!

Play Ball!!

Have your child place one of the bats onto the green paper. Read the word with them and then let them find and place the baseballs with those letters into the circles. Have them sound the word out again and read it to you.

I decided to keep it very simple and just use a few -AT words so LB(4) could hear how they all sound and practice basic reading skills. You could easily add more bats and baseballs to this activity as your child progresses with their reading!


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