Shape Bird - Educational Craft

Birds come in all shapes and sizes.
And some birds come in just SHAPES! :)
Here is a fun and educational bird craft you can do with your little ones.


Make it!

Step 1. Using the craft foam you choose for your bird, cut out a square about 3" big, a small semi-circle, and a small crescent shape.

Step 2. Cut out 3 small triangles from the yellow craft foam.

Step 3. Help your child name all the shapes, including the eye (circle). Tell them you're going to create an animal with the shapes. 

Step 4. As you show your child where to glue each shape (as shown below), have them try to guess what animal they are crafting. Add the Googly eye. Let it dry and you're done!

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Happy Crafting!

And if you're looking for more Bird-Themed fun for your preschooler, I just found these super cute bird buttons! I love buttons. They are so fun for little hands to play with and are also perfect to use to practice counting and sorting. Hours of fun I tell you.

And if you're looking for more fun with SHAPES, check out our other shape activities!
Make it even better with one of these SHAPES workbooks to go along with this activity!


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