Lego Spoon Race!

One of the games we played during LM's Lego Party was this Spoon Race Game.
It was incredibly simple and easy. The boys LOVED it! This went perfectly with our other fun Lego Games: Homemade Lego Pinata

(Legos are a perfect theme for any birthday party for kids. There are so many cute products out there! Like these Lego birthday candles for your cake. And these cute Lego forks & spoons to all that yummy cake!)

Lego Spoon Race Supplies:
  • Legos
  • 2 Bowls or Buckets
  • 1 spoon
  • Timer (optional)

How to PLAY!
  1. Put a few handful of legos into one of the bowls and line the kids up behind it.
  2. Place the other bowl across the room/yard.
  3. One at a time, have the boys get a spoonful of legos and quickly take it to the next bowl without spilling their spoonful. Then run back and give the spoon to the next in line. 

The boys had a lot of fun with this simple activity. Here are a couple variations you can add to it if you want:

  • Use a timer and see how long it takes for them to complete the task as a team
  • Set the timer for 3-5 minutes and see how many legos they can get in the bowl before the timer runs out.

Have Fun!!

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Unknown said...

My son's lego everthing party is on Easter Sunday, thanks for this tip i will try this out:-)

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