Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lego Goodie Bags!

For my son's Lego Party, I made these SUPER SIMPLE, and cute Lego Goodie-Bags!
Check it out!

  • Colorful Paper Bags (Find at party stores, or in party sections. I got mine at Walmart in the party section.)
  • Colored Paper to match the bags (I used cardstock. You can also use construction paper or scrapbook paper too).
  • Circle-Puncher OR scissors (the circle-puncher can be found at craft stores in the scrapbooking section. I LOVE owning this and have found many uses for it. Definitely worth the money! But if you don't have one, you can also just cut circles out with scissors.)
  • Glue

Make the Lego-Bags!

1. Count how many bags you will need. Times that number by 6. You will need to punch out or cut that many circles for your bags. If you have more than one color, then times the number of each color of bags by 6. :)

2. Using your handy Circle Punch, punch out the number of circles you need for each color.

3. Next, take one of your bags and fold the top of it over about where you think you'll fold it when all the goodies are inside. Then unfold it.

4. From your folded line to the bottom of the bag, put glue in 6 spots where you will glue your circles on, like so:

5. Put circles on the glue:

6. Now do the same thing with all your bags to make them look like Legos!

7. Place your goodies inside and fold the top over. All done! You're ready to party!


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Liz said...

Love! Brady wants a lego theme birthday this year so I may have to try this.