Lego Party Invitations

LM recently had his 7th Birthday!
To celebrate, we threw him a Lego Party! Over the next week I'll share some of our ideas, starting off with these super simple and fun homemade Lego Invitations!

  • Cardstock (any colors you want your invitations to be)
  • Envelopes 
  • Circle Punch or Scissors (You can find the circle punch at a craft store, in the scrapbooking section or check out the link above for a great deal on Amazon!)
  • Craft Foam (any color)
  • Glue
  • Printed Invitation Message (for the inside) :)

How to Make Lego Invitations!

1. Choose what color(s) you want your invitations to be. Using your circle punch, punch out 6 circles per invitation.

2. Next, cut a piece of craft foam into small squares. You'll need 6 per invitation.

3.  Cut your cardstock into the right size so that when you fold it over it fits into the size envelopes that you have. :)

4. On the front of the invitation, put 6 evenly spaced blobs of glue:

5. Then put the small craft foam pieces onto the glue:

6. Next, put glue on all 6 of your circles:

7. And place them on top of the craft foam pieces:

8. On the inside, glue the printout with all the details of your awesome party!

All done!!

Don't forget to check out all our other fun ideas for your Lego Party!

Happy Lego Birthday!

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