Summer Popsicle Craft Activity for Kids

There is nothing like a cold Popsicle on a hot summer's day!
Well this activity is the perfect way to celebrate the wonder of summer fun.
Build your very own yummy Popsicle! A perfect activity and craft for kids to kick off summer!

This goes right along with our other fun building activities:


How to Make it:
  1. Cut out at least 4 big Popsicle shapes with different colors of Craft Foam.
  2. Cut out a variety of different shapes to be the designs on the Popsicles. I cut out dots, stripes, zig zags, and wavy lines. 
How to Play:
  • Lay out all the craft sticks, Popsicle shapes, and all the design elements
  • Lay the Popsicle shapes on top of the craft sticks, and then any design elements on top of the Popsicle shape.
  • Once you have created a fun and unique Popsicle, take it apart and start again! There are SO many combinations, the possibilities are almost endless.
  • And BONUS! You can store all these pieces in a Ziploc Bag, or a Pencil Pouch to take on the go when you want to have a quiet activity for your little ones.

Have Fun! And after your done building pretend Popsicles, you could also build some to eat! Check out these great Popsicle molds!  


Here are some fun books you can read with your kids to go along with this activity!

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