Pineapple Craft for Kids!

Who doesn't love a nice, juicy pineapple.
This craft celebrates all that tropical goodness without the mess! Click below to read more!

 Craft Supplies Needed:

Make it!

Step 1: Cut an oval shape out of the tan paper, and lots of little squares out of the brown paper.

Step 2: Cut out several long, skinny triangles out of the green paper.

Step 3: Fold the brown squares in half diagonally, corner to corner.

Step 4: Glue the long, green triangles to the top of the oval so they point up. These are the pineapple leaves.

Step 5: Then put glue all over the tan oval and begin placing the folded brown squares all over the glue. These resemble the pokey, outer layer of the pineapple.

All done with your cute and healthy craft! 
LL(3) and I had so much fun making this together. A little Aloha to one of our favorite fruits. 

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Happy Crafting!

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