This week our preschool theme is TRUCKS! So I whipped up this incredibly simple build a truck activity for my kids! Which is right up LB(4)'s alley. And surprisingly even right up sweet little LL(2)'s alley! (She wants to be just like her brothers.) :)
This activity hits all the right buttons for preschoolers. They get to be creative and use their imagination. They get do it over and over again. And best of all, they get to learn while doing it. A great way to introduce and teach about shapes and colors for preschoolers! 

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Prep Work:
  • Using different colors of craft foam, cut out different shapes & sizes that your kids can use to create different kinds of TRUCKS! Squares, Circles, Rectangles, Semi-Circles--big and small!
    • In the picture below, you can see what I cut out:

Time to Play!
  • Review the shapes with your child as you point them out.
  • Then put a few together to show them how they can use the shapes to make their own cool truck, like this Garbage Truck! :

In the picture at the very top, I put together several variations of trucks to show the endless possibilities!
LB(4) and LL(2) had even greater imaginations and put together trucks that were TALL, or extremely LONG, or sometimes even with the wheels on TOP! 

With just a little bit of craft foam, you can let your imaginations run wild and free! 

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Grab one of these SHAPES workbooks to go along with this activity!


Looking for more activities for your little BOY?

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Julie said...

really neat! My boys will love this! Posting to my blog's facebook page tomorrow.

Unknown said...

This would be great using felt too on a felt board! Love it!

Alyssa said...

This is a great game! I wanted to let you know that I am featuring this on

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