Monster Truck Craft

My kids LOVE monster trucks. Even my sweet little girl, LL(2), loves playing with them.
So during our TRUCK week, I knew I needed to come up with something involving this rough and tough vehicle.
So here it is: A simple and fun Monster Truck Craft! Enjoy!


Craft Time!
  • Pour some black paint onto a paper plate and give your child the toy monster truck. Have them roll the wheels into the paint, then roll the truck all over a piece of construction paper! It will make a cool tire design:

(They will have lots of fun, so make sure to have plenty of paper!)

  • Let the paint creations dry for a while........

  • Once they're dry, draw a truck shape on the back and cut it out.
  • Then using black construction paper, cut out 2 BIG circles for each truck's wheels.
    • And with the scrap paper from the paintings cut out 2 smaller circles to go in the middle of the tires. :)
  • Let your child glue the pieces all together onto another piece of paper and there you have it!

Here is LL(2)'s Monster Truck:
(Which she is VERY proud of and loves to see hanging up in our hallway!)

And here is LB(4)'s Monster Truck:



*P.S. The best finger paints around are by Crayola. They are the perfect consistency. Not too runny and not too thick. And best of all they are completely washable--and so easy to wipe off tables, fingers, and wash out of clothes. I HIGHLY recommend them for painting crafts with kids. 
And there is a great deal on Amazon right now to get a nice set of 12 different colors. In big bottles that you can use for a LONG time! Check it out!

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