Truck ABC's

Our last activity for our TRUCK week is this one. 
It's simple to make and comes with a variety of activities that you can do with it!
Check it out!


Prep Work:

  • If you have access to a Laminating Machine, laminate it. If not, you can use some clear Contact paper: 
    • Just trace the cardstock on the back of the contact paper, so you know what size to cut.
    • Cut that out and peel the back off. 
    • Stick it onto the truck side of the cardstock. Voila!

  • Next, cut out a bunch of rectangles or squares from construction paper
  • Write all the letters of the alphabet onto these:

All done!

Learning Time!
There are multiple ways you can now use this activity. Here are a few ideas:

  • Writing Practice: Have your child choose a letter from the pile and place it "into" the bed of the truck (just place it on top) :). With a dry erase marker, have them then practice writing that letter on the truck! You can even spell words with the letters and have them practice writing the whole word. :)
    • Since you used the clear contact paper (or laminated) on the truck, you can easily wipe off each letter with a cloth.

  • Letter Recognition: YOU write a letter onto the truck using a dry erase marker. Then your child searches the letters to find the right one and places it into the truck.
  • Sound Search: YOU say the sound of a letter. Then your child searches the letters to find the one that makes that sound, and then places it into the truck.
  • Spelling Practice: YOU write a word onto the truck using the dry erase marker. Then your child finds the right letters to spell that word and places them into the truck.
There are many more possibilities, I'm sure!

We mainly focused on writing-practice this time. 
This is the first time that LB(4) has tried writing some of the letters, so it was really fun for him. We went through all the letters, and then I spelled his name and had him practice all the letters in his name. He couldn't write his name before, but he can now! And he is so proud. :)

And while LB was busy writing, LL(2) had fun just scribbling on paper, and playing with all the letters. :)


Do you like this idea?

Looking for more activities for your little BOY?
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Simona said...

Nice activity!

Unknown said...

You have so many great ideas for learning at home! My son will love this one and I'm sure I can find one for my daughter, too. Thanks! :)

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