Frog Toss Game for kids!

A few weeks ago our church had a little carnival for the kids.
Each family was in charge of coming up with a little game for the kids to play, so I thought up this super easy Frog-Toss!
You could make this as a learning game too!

  • an old box (I used one end of a big apple box)
  • bright green poster-board
  • black, white, red construction paper
  • knife
  • scissors
  • tape

  1. With a knife, carefully cut out a great big smiley mouth on top of the box:

2. With the piece you just cut out, flip it over and trim the round part to make to bumps. These will be the frog's eyes!

3. Measure your posterboard (if you have a really big box, you might need 2 poster-boards). Cut them to fit on each side of the box (I didn't have enough to cover the back of the box. Oh well. No one see's it anyways!) :)

4. Turn the box over and from the inside, trace the mouth shape onto the posterboard so you can easily cut it out. THEN tape all the green poster-board onto the box. I used double stick tape at first, then packaging tape to keep the edges down:

5. Cut out 2 big white circles, and 2 smaller black circles. Tape together. These are the eyes.
   Then Use the "mouth" shaped cut-out to cover the eye-shaped carboard. Then tape on the eyes.
   Then use packaging tape to tape the eye piece onto the back of the box:

6. Cut out a long strip of red paper. Tape it onto the inside of the mouth and curl it on the end with a pencil:

7. I originally was going to use wadded up black paper as "flies" to toss into the frog's mouth. I had bought a bag of candy to give as prizes, and so I decided to instead have the kids toss the CANDY into the frog's mouth!

  •  Each child got 1 piece of candy. They tried to toss the candy into the frog's mouth. As soon as they made it in, they got to keep the candy!

(LB had fun practicing with the paper "flies") :)


Carita De Angel said...

Great thank you!!! I'll used this this Thursday! !

Unknown said...

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brie said...

really loved this game! so creative :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I needed something to help my little ones with the alphabet so I taped letters to the "flies" and when I called out a letter they each had to find the fly with that letter and toss it in the frog's mouth. If I called out "A" they would both run and find an "A" and then toss it in:) They had a blast.

Anonymous said...

Kids loved this, and it looks awesome! Great fun! Made it with a big green blanket from goodwill, and stuck the eyes into slits on the top using the ends of the smile. Used plastic easter eggs wrapped in black fabric and tied with a rubber band. Great directions, and what an awesome idea, it was the hit of the party.

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