Scrunchy Apple Craft for Kids

School has been in full swing for a few days now in our neck of the woods. 
So LD(3yrs) and I are getting our crafting-juices flowing while the big kids are enjoying the back-to-school-life.
This craft was so easy and fun for my little preschooler. It's been a fun addition to our Green Apple Craft, and our fun Pop-up Apple craft!
And best of all it is SO EASY! All you need is paper, scissors and glue. Check it out!


How to Make it:

  1. Fold the tan paper in half and cut out a shape of a C. Unfold it and this is your apple shape!
  2. Rip a bunch of pieces of the red paper. Hand them to your child to scrunch up (this is the super fun part!)
  3. Cut out a stem shape from the brown paper, and a leaf shape from the green paper.
  4. Put glue all over the tan apple shape and let your child place on the scrunched red papers all over the glue!
  5. Let it dry, then add the stem and leaf. All done!

We've got a lot more fun Back to School crafts and activities for kids. Check them out HERE!

And you can find even MORE and crafts for year round Holidays in my BOOK!

Happy Back to School Season!

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