Starfish Ocean Craft for Kids

This cute starfish craft is a great activity for summer, an ocean theme for preschool, or even for no other reason than to have a cute starfish friend!
Check it out!

  • White paper
  • Tempera Paint - orange, yellow, purple. Or any other colors you want on your starfish! (ps. I highly recommend this Crayola Tempera Paint.)
  • Hole Puncher
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Black marker

How to Make it:
  1. Paint a couple pieces of paper in the different colors you have chosen for your starfish. (We used a combination of yellow and orange on a paper for the starfish body, and other colors for the spots)
  2. Let the paint dry for a few hours, or overnight.
  3. Cut out a starfish shape (you can draw a shape on paper until you get it how you'd like it. Some starfish are fat, some are skinny. Some pointy and some round. There are many possibilities!)
  4. With a hole punch, punch out some small circles from the other colors of papers you painted.
  5. Glue on the small circles, and the googly eyes.
  6. Draw a smile with a black marker. All done!

And here are some cute books to go along with this fun starfish craft!

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