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Eternal Families

This video touched me so deeply. I am grateful for the small glimpses of eternity I receive from my loving Father in Heaven that remind me of what this life is all about, and that there is more to our existence--so much more--than just this life.

Through his death and resurrection, Jesus Christ broke the chains of death forever. We will all live again! We will see our loved ones again!
I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, who makes it possible for us all to be with our families forever. I know Death is not the end.
Happy Easter. :)

Easter Egg Crafts & Activities

Here are all the "Easter Egg" themed crafts & activities we've done!  Click a picture below to see that post. Or click HERE to see all these posts! Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Activities for Kids

Here are all the activities we've done with a "Bunny" theme.  Click on a picture below to see that post. Or click HERE to see all these posts!

General Conference Ideas

"General conference is a semiannual gathering of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). During general conference weekend, Church members and others who are interested gather worldwide in a series of two-hour sessions to receive inspiration and instruction from Church leaders." from:
Want to watch General Conference on April 6-7?  Click HERE
I am very excited for Conference! No matter what is going on in my life, the Lord always answers my prayers and gives me guidance for my current needs through the words of His modern-day Prophets and Apostles. I love it! 
It can be difficult for little ones to sit still for so long, so here are some ideas we've done that can help:

The first idea is a little activity I made up called the  General Conference Train!

First, I cut out rectangles from some different scrapbook papers. Then I cut out a bunch of small circles out of black paper for the wheels. I printed several pictures of each of 9 topics often discus…

Easter Egg Buddy

LB(3) had a lot of fun creating this little Egg Buddy craft to go along with our Easter Egg theme. He loves to paint, so that was the best part of all!
How to Make it: Cut out an egg shape from a white piece of paper or cardstock.Get out some watercolorsand let your child paint it however they desire. Then let it dry.Cut out 2 big white circles and 2 smaller black circles for the eyes. Then have your child glue them on.Give your child a marker and have them draw a smile. :)Let your child choose out of construction paper what color they want the Egg Buddy's arms, legs, hands & feet to be. Then cut them out and let your child glue them on.arms & legs: 2 strips of paper eachhands & feet: 2 circles or ovals each

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Jumping Eggs!

Continuing with our "Easter Egg" theme, LB(3) and I played this fun, energetic,  and educational game. It was a HUGE hit!  And better took exactly 1 minute to put together. :) Check it out!
Put it Together: Cut a piece of paper (or craft foam--that's what I used) into small squares.On each square write a number (I had 11 squares and wrote #'s 10-20 on them).Gather up a bunch of plastic Easter eggs.Put a number inside each egg and put them into a basket.
How to Play! Have your child reach into the basket and choose an egg.When he opens it, have him tell you what number is inside Then both of you stand up and JUMP that number of times!! (this is the FUN part, and a GREAT way to get some physical activity for your little one and yourself!)

It was a really fun way to be active and learn at the same time.  And according to my calculations, LB and I jumped exactly 165 times!! No wonder we were both exhausted!

Easter Crafts & Activities

Here are all the EASTER Crafts & Activities we've done so far. Click on a picture below to see that post. Or click HERE to see ALL the Easter posts.