Jumping Eggs!

Continuing with our "Easter Egg" theme, LB(3) and I played this fun, energetic, 
and educational game. It was a HUGE hit! 
And better yet.....it took exactly 1 minute to put together. :) Check it out!

Put it Together:
  • Cut a piece of paper (or craft foam--that's what I used) into small squares.
  • On each square write a number (I had 11 squares and wrote #'s 10-20 on them).
  • Gather up a bunch of plastic Easter eggs.
  • Put a number inside each egg and put them into a basket.

How to Play!
  • Have your child reach into the basket and choose an egg.
  • When he opens it, have him tell you what number is inside 
  • Then both of you stand up and JUMP that number of times!! (this is the FUN part, and a GREAT way to get some physical activity for your little one and yourself!)

It was a really fun way to be active and learn at the same time. 
And according to my calculations, LB and I jumped exactly 165 times!! No wonder we were both exhausted!



1 comment:

Diane Hurst said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! And such a simple idea!

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