Piñata Easter Egg Craft for Kids!

There are so many ways you can create fun Easter Eggs crafts. Here is an idea using just 3 easy supplies! It is so simple, and ends up looking like a piñata! 
Check it out!


How to Make it!
  1. Fold a white piece of paper in half and cut out an egg shape (basically an oval that is slightly fatter on bottom)
  2. Cut out strips of paper in whatever colors of paper you want for your egg!
  3. Make lots of small cuts in each strip, only going halfway (see picture below). This makes the frayed look.
  4. Starting on the bottom of the egg, glue the strips down by putting glue on the unfrayed part of each strip.
  5. Once glue is dried, turn over the egg and cut the extra frayed paper off the egg shape.
  6. To get more dimension from the frayed paper, you can move your hand up and down on the paper to help it stand up more.

All done! Happy Easter!

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