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Monster Activities for Kids

Here are all the "MONSTER" themed activities we've done!  The first 4 in this list are the ones we did this year as part of our Monster themed week with our Preschool @ Home.
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Monster File Folder Game:

Monster Hunt

Our final activity for our "Monster" themed week was this fun Monster Letter Hunt. LB(3) had fun searching for the monsters and it was good practice with letter recognition.

Prep Work: Find, draw, or print 14 monster pictures. (I used the wall-borders that I bought for our file-folder game. There are also some great monster wall borders on Amazon!)On sheets of white paper, write the words, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN." (**Or if it's not Halloween, you could write a different phrase like, "I LOVE MONSTERS." or "MONSTERS ARE FUN." or the children's names or something. )On the back of each monster picture, write one of the letters in "HAPPY HALLOWEEN," so each picture matches up to a letter on the paper.

Here's what you do:

Hide the monster pictures all over in a room. Have your child come in & search for the monsters. When they find a monster, have them place it on the matching letter on the paper until all the monsters are found, and a…

Monster Jump Game for Preschoolers

LB(3) sure loved this game we played during our MONSTER - week!  This is a super fun way for little ones to get out some Halloween wiggles, (and also a good calorie-burner for Moms like me, who are looking forward to eating their children's Halloween candy whilst they are nestled all tight in their beds. What?)  This is fun to play with just a few people, or as a family, or with a big group! 
PrepWork: Acquire a handful of monsters with different numbers of eyes (like the ones pictured above: 3, 2, and 1-eyed monsters). Here are some ideas:You could draw your own monsters on pieces of paper. You could find some cute monster images online and print them out.You could create your own monsters with these awesome stickers!You could look for some monster stickers at the store. (Like these ones I used. They were on clearance after Halloween last year. They were in a package of Halloween foam stickers I got for like a nickel or something. I love after-holiday sales!!)

This package of stickers…

Easy Monster Craft

This was such an easy craft we made for our "Monster Week." I'm talking easy with a capital E.  And cute to boot! Who could ask for anything more?
Here's what you do: We used a package of red shredded paper. You can buy these in the gift-wrap section of any store. I'm not sure what it's called exactly, but it's PERFECT for creating creative, creepy creatures like our lovely monster above. OR, if you have a paper shredder, you could also run a few sheets of colored paper through and use that! :)
So, just have your child put glue all over a piece of cardstock and plop handfuls of the shredded paper on top. Then top it off with a pair of eyes:  circles cut out of white and black paper.

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We are a participant in the A…

Monster in the Mail

My Sister-in-Law runs a little preschool in her home. She is AMAZING at it, and does the cutest activities with her kids! And last week, we were right in the middle of our "Monster" -themed week when we got this cute little surprise in the mail!
Here's what you do: Have your kids make a cute little monster out of any kind of paper you have. You can even glue it to a popsicle stick like the one we got.Pick a family you think would enjoy your creepy creature.Write a little letter to go along with the monster. Tell about how you made the monster for them and to take pictures with the monster as they do all their usual Halloween traditions: carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, decorating, etc. Ask them to email their pictures to you so you and your kids can see all the fun the monster is having! :)Then mail the letter and monster! **We've got over 40other fun crafts & activities for Halloween. Click HERE.**
Need some good craft supplies--like craft sticks and paper for …

Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Hello there! Here are a bunch of fun and easy Pumpkin activity ideas you can use to teach and have fun with your kids this Halloween. Click on a picture below to see that post. Or click HERE to see all these posts. 
Our "Preschool at Home" theme last week was PUMPKINS, and the first 3 activities in this list were what we did that week. All the rest were activities we've done over the past 3 years. Enjoy!