Monster Hunt

Our final activity for our "Monster" themed week was this fun Monster Letter Hunt. LB(3) had fun searching for the monsters and it was good practice with letter recognition.

Prep Work:
  • Find, draw, or print 14 monster pictures. (I used the wall-borders that I bought for our file-folder game. There are also some great monster wall borders on Amazon!)
  • On sheets of white paper, write the words, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN." (**Or if it's not Halloween, you could write a different phrase like, "I LOVE MONSTERS." or "MONSTERS ARE FUN." or the children's names or something. )
  • On the back of each monster picture, write one of the letters in "HAPPY HALLOWEEN," so each picture matches up to a letter on the paper.

Here's what you do:

  • Hide the monster pictures all over in a room. 
  • Have your child come in & search for the monsters. When they find a monster, have them place it on the matching letter on the paper until all the monsters are found, and all the letters are covered.
  • *(optional): when all the letters are covered give your child a prize, like a monster sticker. Or just play again!

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