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Zig Zag Green Apple Craft for Kids

We've had SO much fun getting in the Back-to-School groove with all our super easy apple crafts! (Like our fun Pop-up Apple craft!) And this one was an especially big hit with my little 3 year old toddler. Check it out!

Supplies: Construction Paper (Green, White, Brown)ScissorsGlue
How to Make it: Fold the white paper in half and cut out a "D" shape. Unfold it and there's your apple!Cut out strips of green paper, however wide you want!Help your child fold the strips using the "accordion fold" technique.Cut out a brown stem, and a green leaf.Put glue on the white apple shape, and have your child place the folded strips of paper on the apple from top to bottom.Let it dry, then trim the green papers that hang over the apple shape, so the edges are nice and even.Add the stem and leaf. 
All done! The design looks really cool with all the zig-zag folds of the paper. A fun and unique way for kids to craft an apple as they get excited for school!

And this is also a gr…

Layered Apple Craft for Kids!

Back to School season is such a fun time to do crafts! All the school supplies and art & craft supplies on sale are a great time to get inspired and excited about crafting with kids!  Here is a super fun and easy apple craft you can make with your kids. (And check out another fun apple craft: our Pop up Apple!)

Supplies: Construction Paper (red, green, brown)ScissorsGlue

How to Make it: Using the red paper, cut out 2 apple shapes of the same size. Set one aside.With the other apple shape, fold it in half and cut 3-4 layers, going from big to small.Take one cut out at a time and scrunch it up with your hands, careful not to rip it. This will give some cool dimension to the craft.Then take each of the apple layers and glue them onto the flat apple shape from outside in.Glue on the stem and leaf.

All done! You can hang up this apple craft in your house as a fun decoration for back to school!

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Pop Up Apple - Back to School craft for kids

Here is a SUPER EASY apple craft to celebrate the Back to School season with your kids. I love easy to make crafts (that look like it takes a lot of work).  All you need is paper, scissors and glue!

Supplies: Construction Paper (red, green, brown)scissorsglue

How to Make it: Fold 5-6 pieces of red construction paper in half and cut out apple shapes (like in this other super fun apple craft we did!)Cut out a brown stem, and a green leaf.Lay one of the apple shapes flat, and fold the rest.Glue the folded apple to the side of the flat apple that matches. Then take the next folded apple, and glue it to the back of that one.Glue the sides of these folded apples all together until you get to the last one, then glue that to the other half of the flat apple.Glue the stem and leaf on and you're all done!

This was so easy and the end result is an awesome 3-D apple! And if you want it more full, you can add as many layers of the apple as you want!
And here is another super fun apple craft we…

Simple Green Apple Craft for kids

Since "Back-to-School" time is in the air, apple crafts are everywhere! At least around our house. We've been coming up with some super fun and cute apple crafts so stay tuned to see them all! This one is especially fun and cute....and gets my mouth watering for a big juicy green apple!
PLUS it also functions as a fantastic and fun way to practice counting with your preschooler. LD(3yrs) surprised me with how quickly he caught on to counting all six of the black seeds inside this juicy apple craft. So grab some paper, scissors and glue and have some fun!

Supplies: Construction paper (green, white, brown, black)ScissorsGlue
How to make it: Fold a white piece of paper in half and cut out an apple shape. Then cut the another smaller apple shape inside of that. (Put aside the bigger apple cut-out for the craft I'll be posting about tomorrow!)Fold the green paper in half and cut out a bigger apple shape than the white one.Glue the white apple onto the green apple.Cut out as …

Scrunchy Apple Craft for Kids

School has been in full swing for a few days now in our neck of the woods.  So LD(3yrs) and I are getting our crafting-juices flowing while the big kids are enjoying the back-to-school-life. This craft was so easy and fun for my little preschooler. It's been a fun addition to our Green Apple Craft, and our fun Pop-up Apple craft! And best of all it is SO EASY! All you need is paper, scissors and glue. Check it out!

Supplies: Construction paper (red, green, brown, tan)ScissorsGlue
How to Make it:

Fold the tan paper in half and cut out a shape of a C. Unfold it and this is your apple shape!Rip a bunch of pieces of the red paper. Hand them to your child to scrunch up (this is the super fun part!)Cut out a stem shape from the brown paper, and a leaf shape from the green paper.Put glue all over the tan apple shape and let your child place on the scrunched red papers all over the glue!Let it dry, then add the stem and leaf. All done!

We've got a lot more fun Back to School crafts and a…