Thursday, September 7, 2017

Apple Squares Craft for Kids!

Here it is! The last of our apple crafts for the Back to School season!
This one is was so fun and easy. My little 3 year old loved going all around the apple shape gluing all the squares on. And the prep is a piece of cake.
Or pie.
Apple Pie that is. :)

check it out!

  • Construction Paper (white, red, brown, green)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make it:
  1. Fold a white paper in half and cut out a "D" shape. Then cut a smaller "D" shape inside that. Then you've got the Apple shape for this craft, and the smaller white apple shape can be saved and used for THIS CUTE GREEN APPLE CRAFT!
  2. Cut out red strips of paper, about 1" thick.
  3. Then cut these into squares.
  4. Put glue on the white apple shape and let your child place all the squares on the glue!
  5. When it's dry, cut out a brown stem and a green leaf, and glue them on.

All done!
Happy Back to School Year!

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