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Build a Dinosaur!

(re-post from: 9-5-13) Our recent theme for Preschool@Home was DINOSAURS! One of LB's favorite activities was this one. And best of all, it was easy as pie to put together!
Supplies: Green craft-foam (Or you can use construction paper. The foam is just a bit more durable.)Scissors
Prep Work: Using the craft foam, cut out the following shapes:  1 big half-circle1 medium triangle1 medium square1 medium circle3 small rectangles3 small long triangles3 small squares4 small triangles3 small circles

How to Play:

Lay out all the shapes and show your child how to build a dinosaur. You can use the shapes however you wish. Here are the general ideas:The big half circle is the bodyThe medium triangle, circle, and square are good for headsThe small shapes can be used for legs, tails, spikes, necks, etc.Then let them go at it, building whatever kind of dinosaur creature their heart can imagine.

LB(3) had so much fun with this, and it was also a good review of shapes. Bonus! LL(1) also had fun playing with …

Snow Day Activities!

Snowdays come, and snowdays go.  But one thing that never changes is the endless amount of energy that kids are born with -- come snow or shine!
Here are a bunch of ideas to have fun on your next snowday,  while also burning off some of that endless kid-energy when you're cooped up inside!
(Some of these are Holiday activities, but now you're well prepared. Because you never know when a snow day is going to hit!)

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1. RUNNING! Most kids are already pretty good at running amok. Here are some ideas to get your kids RUNNING with a purpose!