September 5, 2013

Build a Dinosaur!

Our recent theme for Preschool@Home was DINOSAURS! This Dinosaur activity could also be used as a dinosaur craft! And it went perfectly with out other dinosaur activities for kids:

But of all these one of LB's favorite dinosaur activities was this one.
And best of all, it was easy as pie to put together!


Prep Work:

  • Using the craft foam, cut out the following shapes: 
    • 1 big half-circle
    • 1 medium triangle
    • 1 medium square
    • 1 medium circle
    • 3 small rectangles
    • 3 small long triangles
    • 3 small squares
    • 4 small triangles
    • 3 small circles

How to Play:

  • Lay out all the shapes and show your child how to build a dinosaur. You can use the shapes however you wish. Here are the general ideas:
    • The big half circle is the body
    • The medium triangle, circle, and square are good for heads
    • The small shapes can be used for legs, tails, spikes, necks, etc.
  • Then let them go at it, building whatever kind of dinosaur creature their heart can imagine.

LB(3) had so much fun with this, and it was also a good review of shapes. Bonus!
LL(1) also had fun playing with the shapes, and the craft foam shapes held up under her squishing and squashing. Just had to make sure she didn't try to eat them. :)
And when LM(6) got home from school he created some great prehistoric creatures too. 
Fun for kids of all ages!
Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

Do you like this idea?

Need some Craft Foam?

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Alexandra Y said...

This is great! Pinning

Anonymous said...

Good one

Double KT Photography said...

would b nice to have templates.

A. Wright said...

Thanks for this fun idea. My 4 year old had a good time today with the dino shapes, we even made a train :) I just cut up a bunch of extra shapes with the remaining piece of foam.

Every Star Is Different said...

This is super cute! I love the creativity it encourages.

Marissa D said...

What a fun way to incorporate shape review while learning about dinosaurs! I'm pinning this and sharing it in a Dinosaur craft round up! Thanks

Emily said...

I did this activity with my son during our dinosaur homeschool unit and he loved it! I wrote about it in blog here: