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Shape Bird - Educational Craft

Birds come in all shapes and sizes. And some birds come in just SHAPES! :) Here is a fun and educational bird craft you can do with your little ones.

Supplies: Craft Foam or Construction Paper in yellow and the color you want your bird to be.ScissorsGlue1" Googly Eye
Make it!
Step 1. Using the craft foam you choose for your bird, cut out a square about 3" big, a small semi-circle, and a small crescent shape.
Step 2. Cut out 3 small triangles from the yellow craft foam.

Step 3. Help your child name all the shapes, including the eye (circle). Tell them you're going to create an animal with the shapes. 
Step 4. As you show your child where to glue each shape (as shown below), have them try to guess what animal they are crafting. Add the Googly eye. Let it dry and you're done!

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Shape House - Educational Craft

Learning while crafting = multitasking at it's finest. :) And if that wasn't awesome enough, this shape house craft for kids is so easy to prepare and so cute. Great way to introduce shapes in preschool, or at home with your toddler!

Supplies: Craft Foam, or Construction Paper in various colors.ScissorsGlue

Make it!
1. Using the craft foam in whatever colors you choose, cut out the following shapes:  Big squareBig triangle2 small rectangles2 small squares4 small circles (these will be little green bushes next to the door)

2. Talk to your child about all the shapes. Hold up a shape and have them name it, or name a shape and have them point to it.

3. Help your child glue all the shapes together to create a house. Let it dry and you're all done!

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Mango Tree Math for Preschoolers

Living in a tropical climate is filled with many blessings. One of the biggest blessings is in the form of the GIANT mango tree in our own backyard! We are just now ending the 2nd harvest of our mangoes that have grown all summer, and are already counting down the days until next year when we can pluck some more! 
In honor of our beloved tree, I thought of this fun way to practice math and counting with my little ones. 

Supplies Needed: Construction Paper: tan, brown, green (I was still all out of green paper, so I used green scrapbook paper.)Craft Foam: yellow, purple (or any other colors)ScissorsGlueBlack Permanent Marker

Prep Work:
1. Cut out a tree trunk from the brown paper, and a big cloud shape from the green paper. Glue these onto the tan paper and you've got your tree!

2. Cut 6 circles out of the yellow craft foam. HINT: An easy way to do so is to imprint the bottom of a glue stick into the foam, then just cut them out!

3. Cut out 6 squares from the yellow craft foam as well.…