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Chocolate Cupcake Toppers

Here is a cute and easy way to decorate cupcakes using chocolate! Yummy.
Here's what you do: Bake your cupcakes and allow them to cool.While they're cooling, melt some baking chocolate and put it in a ziploc baggie.Cut off the small tip of the bag and squeeze the chocolate out onto cookie sheet covered in parchment paper in any shape you want. I made swirls. :) Place the cookie in the fridge or freezer and let the chocolate set. When the chocolate is set, frost your cupcakes and place on of the chocolate designs on top. Voila!

After Christmas Candy!

I love buying holiday candy AFTER holidays! Because while it may be wrapped in festive wrappers, the deliciousness is the same as the full price ones in the candy-aisle. 
A few days after last Christmas I found bags of Christmas Hershey's Kisses for 75cents.  I stocked up. And then I came up with a brilliant plan!
I can use the SILVER and RED kisses for Valentine's Day and the GREEN kisses for St. Patrick's Day!!!
Since those are the next 2 major holidays, the candy won't have to sit too long. If I can refrain from eating it all, that is.  :)

Christmas Present Activities

We had a "Christmas Present" theme during one of the weeks in December and had a lot of fun! Here are links to the activities we did, and a few more we've done in the past. Click on a picture below to see that post. Or click HERE to see all these posts.

Candy Cane Activities

We did a "Candy Cane" theme during one of our preschool at home weeks in December. Here are the activities we did, as well as some candy cane activities we've done in the past. Click a picture below to see that post, or click HERE to see all these candy cane posts.

Candy Cane Shape Activity

Here is the last activity we did during our "Candy Cane" themed week. Decorating candy canes with shapes is a simple craft, AND it's also fun and educational.
Prep Work: If you can find some, buy a package of foam shapes. (You can usually find these in craft sections and craft stores. The ones we used were also stickers so we just took the tabs off the back and stuck them on. You could also just glue them on.)  **OR you could also just cut shapes out of construction paper or foam yourself. :) Cut candy cane shapes out of white paper or cardstock
Here's what you do:
Put all the shapes in a bowl and have your child choose a shape. Then have them pull out all of that shape. Once you have enough to put on the candy cane, have your child stick them on.Repeat with all the different shapes you have.You could even punch a hole in the top, tie a string to it, and hang them on the tree for ornaments!
Merry Christmas!

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Felt Christmas Tree Countdown

When I was little, we had a felt Christmastree calendar that my sweet mother made from scratch. It was one of my favorite Christmas traditions!! Even when I was in high school I loved it. I finally made one of my own this year and am looking forward to having this tradition in our home for years to come. :)
Here's how I made it:
The tree:
Cut a Christmas tree shape out of a piece of green felt.Cut out a brown piece for the trunk on the bottom.Glue the tree and trunk to a big piece of felt.The ornaments:
Using different colors of felt, cut out Christmas shapes to use for ornaments on your tree. You can have doubles of some ornaments, or just do whatever shapes you want. ***OR If you don't want to do a bunch of different ornaments, you could just cut out circles and have your kids decorate them like ball ornaments! I bet they would love to see the different designs they made as they get older. :)Some of the ornaments I made (some not pictured) are: snowmen, mittens, presents, heart…

Christmas Activities for Kids

Here are a bunch of Christmas activities we've done over the past few years. Click on the picture below to see that post. Or click HERE to see all these posts! Merry Christmas!