Pilgrim Hat Activity

This was a fun and festive way to review shapes in our preschool at home. A great Thanksgiving preschool activity using a simple Pilgrim Hat! And best of all, it was so simple to make and LB(4) loved it! 
Check it out!

 Pete the Cat - The First Thanksgiving is a perfect book to pair with this activity!


Prep Work:
  • Using the black craft foam, cut out a pilgrim hat shape (a brim, and a slightly pointy hat, but flat on top)
  • Using the white paper, cut out a strip. This will be the ribbon on the hat.

  • Then glue the white strip onto the black hat.
  • Using the yellow craft foam, cut out several different shapes. I cut out the 7 shapes you see below:

  • Then bend each shape in half and cut the middles out. Now they are buckles!

How to Play!
  • Lay out all the shapes and the hat. Name a shape and have your child place that shape on the middle of the hat as the buckle. :)
  • You could also hide the shapes around the house and have your child search for them, name them, then put them on.
  • LB(4) and I also played a guessing game. One of us would turn around while the other placed a buckle on the hat. Then we would try to guess what shape the buckle was. When we got it right, we switched. :)

Many fun ways to play!

More fun ways to learn about SHAPES!


Grab one of these SHAPES workbooks to go along with this activity!

More festive THANKSGIVING activities!

Have fun!

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