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Pilgrim Hat Activity

This was a fun and festive way to review shapes in our preschool at home. A great Thanksgiving preschool activity using a simple Pilgrim Hat! And best of all, it was so simple to make and LB(4) loved it!  Check it out!

Pete the Cat - The First Thanksgiving is a perfect book to pair with this activity!

Supplies: Black & Yellow pieces of craft foamWhite construction paperScissors & Glue
Prep Work: Using the black craft foam, cut out a pilgrim hat shape (a brim, and a slightly pointy hat, but flat on top)Using the white paper, cut out a strip. This will be the ribbon on the hat.

Then glue the white strip onto the black hat.Using the yellow craft foam, cut out several different shapes. I cut out the 7 shapes you see below:

Then bend each shape in half and cut the middles out. Now they are buckles!

How to Play!
Lay out all the shapes and the hat. Name a shape and have your child place that shape on the middle of the hat as the buckle. :)You could also hide the shapes around the house and hav…

Turkey Painting

LB(4) loves when we get the paints out. So to go along with our Thanksgiving theme, we created this Turkey Painting!
Supplies: White paperPaints (Fingerpaint, Tempera paint, or Poster paint)Cup Construction paperScissors & GlueMarker
How to Make it: Squirt some paint out onto a few platesI decided to use red, yellow and green--kind of fall colors. But you can use any color!Hand your child the cup and have them dip it into the paint and stamp it onto the white paper:

While it dries, cut out a small turkey body, beak, legs, etc.

When the painting is dry, cut the paper so it's round on top and slightly on the sides. This is now the turkey feathers!Glue it onto a piece of construction paper, and glue the turkey on top.With a black marker draw dots for eyes and write "Happy Thanksgiving" on the bottom.


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Turkey Puppet

Here is an easy and interactive craft you can make with your kids this Thanksgiving! LB(4) made this one and we've had fun using the puppet to make hilarious gobble noises. :)
Supplies: Brown paper lunch bagconstruction paper in various colorsscissorsglue
Make it! First have your child choose what color feathers they want on their turkey. LB(4) chose blue, green and white. Then cut out feather shapes. (LM(6) wanted to cut these out, so we got all shapes and sizes, which made it pretty fun!) 

Cut out 2 white circles for eyes and color in circles. Glue them on.Cut out an orange beak and a red gobble thingy. Glue them on.Glue the feathers to the back so they stick up and out around the turkey.All done!

In the end I thought our turkey sort of resembled Perry the Platypus from Phineas & Ferb. Haha.
Something about that wide beak and beady little eyes......... Gobble Gobble! Hey, where's Perry?  :)

Counting Turkey Feathers

It's Turkey season! So I created this simple Turkey File-Folder game for LB(4) to practice counting to 20. He LOVED it. And there are multiple ways you could use this too! Winner, winner turkey dinner! :)
Prep Work: If you want this as a file-folder game, get out a file folder. OR you can just do the same thing on a piece of paper. (I like the file-folder because when it's open it's bigger than any pieces of paper I have. Gives more space for the turkey!)So, cut a circle out of a piece of scrap paper. Place it in the middle/bottom of the opened file-folder. (This will be where the turkey body goes)Use this scrap circle piece to measure about where the feathers will go. (Just so you have enough room for all 20!)I divided the circle into thirds, like a pie. The top 2 will be where the feathers go, 10 on each side.Then, I divided each third in half. Finally, in each half I marked so there where five segments each. I hope this makes sense. It's just an easy way to make sure you…