Mitten Memory Game

Last week we did a "mitten" theme during our Preschool@Home. This was our first activity and LB(3) loved it!! We played it many times, and it was a cinch to create!

Prep Work:
  • Use a plain piece of paper and draw 1 mitten shape (you'll use this as your template).
  • Get out 5 or more pieces of scrapbook paper in different designs.
  • Stack your papers and trace the mitten shape 2 times onto the top paper.
    • Then holding your stack of 5 or more papers, cut out the mitten shapes. All done!

Here's how you play:

  • Mix up the mittens and lay them out, face down.

  • Take turns with your child flipping 2 mittens over to see if they match. 

  • At the end, count your matches to see who wins!

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1 comment:

Kirstylee said...

These are so cute and perfect for winter. I love those mittens!

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