Mitten Pattern Match: Activity for Preschoolers

Here is another simple and fun activity to go with our "Mittens" theme!

Prep Work:
  • Using craft foam or paper, cut out:
    • 2 mitten shapes
    • at least 2 different shapes (we cut out pink triangles and green squares).
  • Draw 2 lines across the mittens, this is where you'll place the shapes.

Here's what you do:

  • Place any of the shapes on 1 of the mittens in any order and design.
  • Have your child look at it and copy the pattern on the other mitten.
  • Then switch and have them make a pattern and you copy!

  •  There are endless possible patterns, so have fun!

Get some craft foam HERE.

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1 comment:

Maro Oikonomou said...

I love this super simole craft! In your every post you show us that fun and creativity doesn't have to cost much or be complicated!

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