Family Olympics: Cupcakes

I wanted to make some kind of Olympic treat for our Family Olympics
and thought it would be fun to make CUPCAKES and use FRUIT LOOPS to make Olympic rings!!

This is just about the easiest cupcake you could ever make in your life.

Fruit Loops contain all the colors you need for Olympic Rings---except black. :( 
But never fear: purple is close enough for our purposes--and just as tasty as the rest. :)

Here's how to make your own Olympic Cupcakes:
  • Bake a batch of cupcakes. Let them cool.
  • Frost them with white frosting
  • Put on Fruit Loops in this order: (top row: blue, purple, red -- bottom row: yellow, green)

After I made these, I put several on a plate and covered them with tin-foil to take to the park with us for our Family Olympics.

When we got to the park, we sat on a blanket for a while so the boys could play before we started our Olympics. The cupcakes were on the blanket and when it was time to sink our teeth into these festive delicacies, we discovered that a herd of ANTS had invaded and was crawling all over them!!! 

But like true Olympians, we didn't let anything get in the way of our dreams.
We shooed the ants off, and ate the cupcakes.
And they were delicious.

Want to see more about our Family Olympics? 
Click the picture below!

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