Family Olympics: Shirts

The first thing we did as part of our Family Olympic tradition was to make Team Shirts!

There are MANY ways you could make shirts. You could go with a USA theme, or something different.
You could spend very little money, or a lot. Make them very simple or very elaborate---and no matter HOW you make them, I guarantee you'll have a blast making and wearing them!

Here are some ideas of what you can use :
  • T-shirts ---we got some kid ones at the Dollar Store ($1 shirts!) and adult ones at walmart for about $4 each. (We actually were looking for clearance 4th of July shirts at Walmart in adult and kid sizes (b/c I saw them there last week!!) but the kids' ones were all gone. Bummer. It would have been a really easy and inexpensive way to get matching Team USA shirts!)
  • Iron-on decor --- we decided to get American flags for mom and dad's sleeves (kind of like some of the Olympic coaches have on their sleeves), and stars for the kiddos' shirts. You can find iron-ons at any craft store or in the craft section of Walmart, etc.
  • Iron-on numbers or letters --- big or small or both! We already had a ton of numbers from Daddy's Intramural Sports collection. Again, look for these at craft stores/sections, or online.
  • Puffy Paint --- or you could bag the iron-ons and just use puffy paint! (Found in craft stores/sections) You can come up with your own family logo, or let each person create their own shirt. Many possibilities!! 

Here's how our shirts turned out (front & back):

LM's  Shirt:

LB's Shirt:

LL's  Shirt:

Mommy's Shirt: 

Daddy's Shirt:

Let the Games Begin!

(This is a small part of our new Family Olympics tradition. Click the picture below for more details!)


Sarah said...

these are awesome. you are so nice though, my hubby would've been #2. hahaha

Little Family Fun said...

Haha! You're hilarious. :)

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