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Enjoying Early Childhood

LM is turning 4 soon. He still has a while until he starts kindergarten, but lately I've been curious as to what a 4 year old should be able to do and know in preparation for starting school. 
So, in the Google search bar, I quickly typed in the words, "what should a 4 year old know
The very first thing to pop up was this article from, titled the exact same words as my query: What should a 4 year old know? written by Alicia Bayer. She also reposted it hereon her website. (It's a really good article. Check it out!)
After I read what she wrote, I had a completely fresh perspective on my role as a mother / teacher for my children. For a Pre-school aged child (3-5) it's NOT about how high they can count, how many words they can write, or if they know how to say hello in every language. As stated in the article above, a young child should know first and foremost that they are loved unconditionally, are safe, that childhood is magical, and that they…

Painting with Wheels

We decided to use a few toy cars to help us paint.. Because of the different sizes and tread of the wheels, we got some pretty cool designs! All you need is:

White cardstockFingerpaintsToy cars
On your mark, get set, Paint!

Looking for more activities for your little BOY? Click here to see TONS of fun ideas

*P.S. The best finger paints around are by Crayola. They are the perfect consistency. Not too runny and not too thick. And best of all they are completely washable--and so easy to wipe off tables, fingers, and wash out of clothes. I HIGHLY recommend them for painting crafts with kids. 
And there is a great deal on Amazon right now to get a nice set of 12 different colors. In big bottles that you can use for a LONG time! Check it out!

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Junk Mailbox

I made this a while ago, and LM has loved it!
I got a book in the mail and decided that this box would be a perfect mailbox.
All you need is:

An old box or container of ANY shape and size.Paper, stickers, etc. to decorate it.
We, like everyone, get a lot of junk mail. So when we do, I just put it in LM's mailbox! He loves opening the envelopes and seeing what's inside.

Sandpaper Castle

We made this sand castle out of sandpaper to go along with this book we read: Miranda's Beach Day, by: Holly Keller

All you need is:

1 piece of white card stock1 piece of sandpaper (or scraps)crayonsglue
First, we read the book. Then I had the boys color on their papers a little while I cut out the shapes for the castle. We glued them on and added the ocean and the sun.

President's Day Necklace

We made this craft last week at Story Time at the Library. All you need to do is:

Cut out 3 stars in different sizes, red, blue and white.Glue them together.Glue on a penny in the middle.Make a hole and thread a piece of yarn through. Tie the ends.

Happy President's Day!

Animal Match-up!

I got these animal pictures from a magazine, but you could easily do this with any animals pictures you can find online. Just cut them in half and you have an instantly fun animal match-up game!

Happy Feet Penguin

One of LM's favorite movies to watch is "Happy Feet." So we made a penguin out of construction paper and googly eyes.

Valentine Goodies

Happy Valentine's Day! We dipped pretzels in white chocolate and added red sprinkles. Although we chowed down our fair share of these, we also decorated some paper bags with foam hearts and gave them to some friends!

Car Race Game

My boys love cars and racing. And creating this DIY Car race game for them to play was so easy! You can use any cars you already have! My boys are huge fans of Lightning Mcqueen, so he was definitely the main star of the race!

The idea for this car race game came from last week's book called Sputter, Sputter, Sput! LM loves books about cars, so you may notice that theme often. As we read, we came to this page in the book......

 .....and it gave me a good idea for this fun game!

I used 2 pieces of black construction paper and cut them into 8 rectangles. I used a white crayon to draw the street lines down the middle of each of them.I used yellow construction paper to cut out the lines, and used double stick tape to stick them on the roads, creating squares out of the roads.I used clear contact paper to "laminate" the roads so they wouldn't get bent in our game.
The game is simply to get from one end of the road to the other. We used toy cars for our game pieces and a b…

"Heart"-Air Balloon

We made Valentines for Daddy and Grandparents by cutting out a Heart-Air Balloon with construction paper, a basket with foam hearts glued on, and LM drew our family in the basket.

We got the idea when we read this book:

And saw this picture:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Shape Pictures

I found some wooden shapes at the thrift store a while back and wanted to make some "puzzle-pictures" that LM could put the shapes on. So, I just traced the shapes with a marker, and then I put these in sheet protectors and in a folder.

This assortment of shapes only includes squares, diamonds and triangles, so we're a bit limited in the pictures we can draw (no cirlces = no automobiles.) So far we've come up with some fun pictures and more to come! For example: butterfly, flower, rocket, (those 3 shown in picture above) castle, house, snake, and penguin.

If you want to do something similar, you could cut out your own shapes using cardboard, or even just paper. You could even laminate the shapes for added durability.

Lego Number Race

We got a bunch of Mega Lego Blocks for Christmas this year. We made a game where I wrote the numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 8 on little papers and put them on the couch. I sat at the table with the box of legos and handed them to LM one at a time. He would count the number of circles on the lego, run over to the couch and put it next to the corresponding number. We did this until all the blocks were gone. Then I had LM make towers out of each pile.

Valentine Hunt!

Here is my plan for counting down the days until Valentine's Day!

I made a stuffed heart with a pocket out of felt. Each day, I will put valentines and a little treat in the pocket and hide the heart somewhere in the house.

I made this little valentine bag that will hang in our living room:

Each day, it will hold the clue to where the valentine treasure is for that day. I am going to use the Home Treasure Hunt cards I made last year as the clues:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Yesterday we went to a friends house and she had this cute craft for the kids to make for Groundhogs day today. Here's how you can make one even before the day is over!

1. Print a small picture of a groundhog and tape it to a Popsicle stick.
2. Poke the Popsicle stick through a paper or Styrofoam cup.
3. Pull on the stick and watch as the groundhog moves up and down--in and out of his "hole" to look for his shadow.

And then hope that he didn't see his shadow, so spring will come soon!!

Square Felt Farm Animals

(cow, duck, pig, chicken, dog, cat, horse)
I'm in love with felt, and decided to make some animals that we can use to sing Old MacDonald. I thought making them square would be cute. I think the chicken is my favorite.

If you want to make these, here is the basic low-down of what I did:
1. Cut squares out of felt. My squares are 3" x 3". 2. Cut out the eyes using black and white felt. 3. Cut out everything else the noses, beaks, ears, wings, legs, arms 4. Stitch on the eyes, noses, and beaks on one of the squares. Then stitch the smiles using black thread. 5. Put the 2 squares together and start stitching them together with a blanket stitch. 6. As you stitch, add in the arms, legs, wings, ears.  7. Leave an opening and stuff the square with filling. 8. Close up the stitch and say "howdy!" to your new farm friend!!
The boys have had fun playing with these, and when we sing Old MacDonald, we put them in a bag and they take turns pulling one out as we sing each verse.