Shape Pictures

I found some wooden shapes at the thrift store a while back and wanted to make some "puzzle-pictures" that LM could put the shapes on. So, I just traced the shapes with a marker, and then I put these in sheet protectors and in a folder.

This assortment of shapes only includes squares, diamonds and triangles, so we're a bit limited in the pictures we can draw (no cirlces = no automobiles.) So far we've come up with some fun pictures and more to come! For example: butterfly, flower, rocket, (those 3 shown in picture above) castle, house, snake, and penguin.

If you want to do something similar, you could cut out your own shapes using cardboard, or even just paper. You could even laminate the shapes for added durability.


Kristin said...

I always enjoy reading your posts ... always something inspiring! Thanks for sharing :o)

Anonymous said...

Those shapes are called tangrams. I bet you could google 'tangrams' and find tons of images to copy with the shapes. What a fun idea for keeping little ones quiet :-)

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