Happy Groundhog's Day!

Yesterday we went to a friends house and she had this cute craft for the kids to make for Groundhogs day today. Here's how you can make one even before the day is over!

1. Print a small picture of a groundhog and tape it to a Popsicle stick.
2. Poke the Popsicle stick through a paper or Styrofoam cup.
3. Pull on the stick and watch as the groundhog moves up and down--in and out of his "hole" to look for his shadow.

And then hope that he didn't see his shadow, so spring will come soon!!

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Anonymous said...

This is a song we sing at school to go with the groundhog craft:to the tune of Frere Jacque
Mr Groundhog
Mr Groundhog
Take a peek
take a peek
if you see your shadow
the weather will be awful
for eight weeks
for eight weeks

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