Feb. 7 - Game: Family Fishing

LM chose a game heart today. I had the idea to have him go "heart fishing," and since Sunday is a time we focus on faith & family, I decided to add another element as well.

We are far away from most of our family, and LM doesn't often see his extended family. So I wrote names of a few of our family members (about 15 hearts. I just used the hearts we used in the heart hunt!) Every time he went fishing, we said, "This is someone who loves you!"

We made the "fishing pole" out of a spoon, yarn, and a clothespin:

We threw a blanket over one of our drying racks, and then LM went a-fishin'!!
When he pulled a heart over with a name on it, we then had him look at our family pictures to point out who it was. It was fun for him to recognize the faces he knew, and he was able to remember some faces that he hasn't seen for a while.

We even switched places and he had fun being the one to clip the hearts to the clothespin.


Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Found you through Thirty Handmade Days...

Just wanted to say that I love all your V-Day activities with your kids. What a great idea! :)

Michelle said...

Very cute idea!

Janet said...

You have used some of the cleverest ideas out of the things right in your house. That is real teaching, in my opinion. Thanks so much for sharing!! It helps those who don't have a lot of money to know that it only takes ingenuity!!

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