Feb. 8 - Surprise: Heart Puzzle

Lately LM has been totally engrossed by puzzles. Our neighbors gave him one of those 12 piece framed-cardboard puzzles a while ago. For some reason I didn't think he'd be too interested in it.....but I was quite wrong indeed. He LOVES it! The first day he played with it, he spent about an hour putting it together, taking it apart, putting it together, etc. He loves it much more than his wooden puzzles--probably because it's more challenging. And who doesn't love a good challenge?

So since today was a surprise day, I thought I'd make him a puzzle! At first I thought I'd find some kind of valentine's day picture and use that, but I saw the idea to make a heart puzzle over on Make & Takes.

I used construction paper glued onto cardstock. And for the frame, I just used the paper the heart was cut out of and glued it onto a piece of cardboard.

He had fun with it, but I think I should have made the whole puzzle from cardboard so that the pieces fit together better and didn't move around so much. The paper made them so that if you bumped them, they all came loose.

I thought about maybe using velcro or magnets to help keep them in place better . . . we'll see.


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

This turned out so cute! Thanks for the link. Happy Valentine's!

jodee said...

You are seriously the cutest mom EVER!! I wish that I was as dedicated and fun as you. I think I am just tired. I did go to school to do stuff like this and I hardly (like never) pull out my stuff. I am using you as my inspiration and maybe next year I will be a good, cool crafty mom and use your blog as an example. Your kids are lucky to have you. What are their names btw?

Mama to 5 said...

thank you for sharing this - my son is learning shapes this week, this week is hearts. I am going to print this off for him. I enjoy reading your blog - great ideas! :)

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