Feb. 2 - Activity: Musical Hearts

Today, LM picked a heart off the Valentine's Tree that said "Activity."


I used the same hearts we used in the Heart Hunt, and our activity was Musical Hearts! Which is in the same family as Musical Chairs---only pure fun in place of cut-throat elimination.

We started by spreading the hearts out on the floor--one of each color.

Then we played the music. When the music was on, LM danced. Occasionally Mommy, Daddy, and even LB joined in the groove too! The farther we got into this little activity, the more it felt like we were at a high school dance, as Mommy and Daddy were each trying to one-up each other with the most unique and ridiculous dance moves ever invented. 'Twas only our old bones which quickly brought us back to the reality that we are no longer 16 years old. That and the 2 little ones who were trying to mimic our ridiculousness.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. So when the music was on, we danced. When we pushed pause one of us yelled out a color and we had to put our toes on that colored heart.

I'll spare you (and myself) any evidence of Mommy and Daddy's silliness, but here are a few pictures of LM busiting a move or two:


 You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but he's got some sweet moves.
This turned out to be a fun Valentine's activity! Especially since I got to be with the 3 boys I love most in the world: my 3 Valentines!


Kami@Nurturing the tender years said...

Just found your lovely blog and became a follower!

Deborah Stewart said...

That is such a cute game! I love it!

Stephanie said...

I love smooth moves!! My son has them for Bowling. :)

The Singing Nurse said...

Love your heart game. Healthy Hearts right? Kids are so fun and ready to learn, even if they don't know they are. heh, heh.
Ms. Dawn, aka TheSingingNurse

Counting Coconuts said...

What a FUN idea!! I love activities involving motion - so does my 2 year old! LOL

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