Feb. 3 - Craft: Valentine's Day Cards

February 3rd, LM chose a heart that said, "craft." So craft we did!

First, we got out the paint. The only valentine's colors we had were red and light purple, so we painted with those. When the two were mixed together, they created quite a lovely shade of pink, somewhere in between fuchsia & periwinkle. I like to call it, fuchsiwinkle.

We let the paint dry for a while. I drew hearts on it, then cut them out. While I cut, LM got some good practice with the scissors as he chopped up all the scraps.

Then we took all those little hearts, and crumpled them up! LM had a blast with this segment.
Then we ripped some scraps of the brown paper bag we painted on, glued them on the cards, and glued the un-crumpled hearts on top!


Unknown said...

So awesome my friend. I just went to the dollar store last night and got the shape things you talked about. I'll try and think up other stuff to use them for and let you know. You are super great!

Unknown said...

I really like this technique! It's simple, and yet it looks so "professionally" done- love it!

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