Feb. 4 - Music: L-O-V-E

Today, LM picked a MUSICAL heart from the Valentine Tree!

So, using the tune of the beloved BINGO song (including taking away a letter each round and clapping in place), we came up with this:

Valentine's Day is on its way.
It's a day of LOVE,
It's a day of LOVE!

Unfortunately LOVE is a bit short, as far as letters go.....but we just hold the V a little longer (in place of N & G from the original song) and it all seems to work out!

To help LM understand the letters we were singing, I used our foam letters and outlined them onto a piece of cardboard.

He got really good at taking one away each round. And had fun placing the letters back on the board where they belong.

It's a day of LOVE!

1 comment:

Deborah Stewart said...

I think the song is darling. Can I put it on my fingerplay blog? I will of course let everyone know you shared it with me:)

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