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Feed the Bunny! Easter Game for Kids

Originally posted: 3-18-2013
After we made our Brown Bag Bunny Puppet  a few days ago, I decided to use it for a fun little game! And it was not only FUN, but also educational. :) 
Prep Work: First, create the Brown Bag Bunny Puppet with your child. (Click HERE to see that post.)Then cut a piece of white paper into 8 rectangles.Using an orange marker, draw 8 different shapes on the papers. These will be your carrots! :) With a green marker draw the leafy part on top of each carrot.With a thin black marker or pen draw horizontal lines on them to make them look more carroty. Yes. Carroty. :)

Here's how you Play! Lay out all the carrots and put the bunny puppet on your hand. In a goofy bunny voice, have the bunny ask your child for a certain shape of carrot.

Your child finds that shape and then puts it into the bunny's "mouth" (it doesn't go all the way in, so just chomp on it for a few seconds, then put it in a pile on the side.) Then ask for the next shape!

LB(3) had a l…

Easter Countdown!

Originally posted March 13, 2013
With Easter right around the corner, I created this little Countdown to get us ready for the next fun Holiday.
Here's how to Make it: Figure out when you want to start your countdown, and count how many days there will be until Easter.Using 1-2 white pieces of paper or cardstock, cut out 1" strips--for the number of days in your countdown.Make a paper chain with the strips:Wrap one around and staple it together to create a loop. Put the next strip through the first loop, then wrap it around and staple it.....and on and on with all the strips (you could also use tape or glue).

With a scrap piece of paper, cut out 2 small bunny ears to fit on your top loop. Color the insides pink and glue them on top. Then draw a bunny face underneath:

When you are ready to start your countdown, hang up your Bunny-Chain somewhere in your house (I'm going to put ours on our curtain rod) :)Each day until Easter, have your kids take off one of the loops. When they g…

Shamrock Man! St. Patrick's Day Craft for Kids

originally published 3-15-12 Here's a fun and fabulous St. Patrick's Day craft you can whip up faster than a Leprechaun can count his doubloons!
What you need:
Green and White construction paperScissorsGlue or TapeMarker
Here's what you do!: Using the green paper, draw and cut out a shamrock shape. (I had an shamrock shape that I traced, but you could just draw one. It's kind of like drawing a heart shape for each leaf.)Cut out strips of the white paper: 2 long, and 2 short.Cut out 4 circles from the green paper.Have the child fold the strips of paper accordion style. Glue or tape them onto the shamrock.Glue or tape the green circles onto the ends of the strips for hands & feet.Draw a face. I made the one shown above. I took this craft to a fun little St. Patrick's Day party my friend threw for our wee little ones. 
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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