Square Turkey Craft

Here is a fun and simple little Thanksgiving craft you can make with your kids!


Craft Time!

1. Cut out a square with the brown craft foam.
2. Cut out 6 feathers using any colors of craft foam you'd like.

3. Cut out a small orange triangle for the beak, 2 orange legs, and a red tear-drop shape for that weird red thing hanging from the turkey's throat. (Not sure what that is called.) :)

4. Glue all the pieces together! The feathers go on the back around the sides and top of the square. The googly eyes, beak and red thingy go on top, and the legs glue to the bottom.

All done!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mihaela said...

Just saw this in a newsletter! Such a cute craft! Stop by and link on Tots at Play linky, this week's theme is T is for Turkey! (And you can check previous linkies and add old or new posts matching the theme! Linkies are permanently open!)

Becky said...

I love crafting with my kids. I am trying to implement cute little crafts for my kids and I to do together throughout this month and next as a way to create memories- we are definitely making this one! There is a great book out by Susan Newman, Ph.D titled, Little Things Long Remembered: "Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day." The book is full of hundreds of suggestions broken in convenient timeframes!

Unknown said...

This craft looks so fun and simple to do! Thank you :-). What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with the little ones. I appreciate your recommend also, Becky! Looks like a great read. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Becky said...

Thanks Terry- hope you get a chance to check out Susan's book- it is really great! Happy Thanksgiving!

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