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Easter Egg Shape Hunt!

My kids LOVE Easter Egg Hunts.
Instead of filling the eggs with candy or toys, I decided to use this as a fun learning activity about shapes!
This is perfect activity for preschool, Easter parties, and at home. 
It was quick to put together and LB(4) and LL(2) had so much fun learning about shapes!


Prep Work:
1. Trace some basic shapes onto craft foam and cut them out. I chose 5 shapes, and cut out 3 of each shape. You can do as many or as few as you want. :)

2. Put each of the shapes inside of a plastic Easter egg. If you want, you can also leave some of the eggs empty so you have more to hide. :)

3. **OPTIONAL: Draw a grid on a piece of paper for all the shapes you have cut out.


1. Hide all the Easter eggs around the room, house, or yard.

2. Send your kids out to find the eggs!

3. When they find an egg, have them run back to you and open it to see if there is a shape inside. If there is a shape, have them name the shape!

4. If you made a grid, have them then place the shape onto the grid. If you don't have a grid, just line them up or put them in a bowl. :)

5. After they've found all the eggs and all the shapes, you can put them back in the eggs and play again! My kids even wanted their own turn to hide them for me!

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Have fun!

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StrollerSavvy said…
I created a post with over 50 educational activities using plastic easter eggs and linked to some of your wonderful ideas. I hope you find something else you can use on this list!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this activity. My preschool students enjoyed doing this. I love this activity as the children can do this on their own with little help. I also love the fine motor skills that the students are using to open and close the eggs. The activity was also simple to make more challenging. I had the students sort the shapes not only by shape but by color as well. It was very fun for them! Thanks again!

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