Shamrock Puzzle Match - St. Patrick's Day Activity for Kids

Here is a super quick and easy activity you can make for your little ones this St. Patrick's Day!
All you need is some GREEN craft foam!

Prep Work: 

1. Trace a 4 leaf clover shape onto green craft foam so you have 6 shamrocks. To get a good shamrock shape you can:
  • Trace a cookie cutter.
  • OR a shape you print off your computer.
  • OR you can draw your own!        

2. Cut them all out.

3.  Next, draw different lines down the middle of each shamrock with a pencil :

4. Cut each shamrock in half on the lines you drew:

Time to Play!!

  • Lay out all the pieces. 
  • Have your child find the matching pieces and put the shamrocks back together!

  • You could add another element of fun by hiding the shamrock pieces in a room and having your child search for them before putting them all together. :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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