How to Make a Lego Piñata

For LM's Lego Party, I decided to make a Lego Piñata!
I'm all about simple, and this Piñata is about as simple as they come.
It was a smashing success. :)
Check it out!

  • Cardboard box (I used an old diaper box)
  • Rope
  • Piece of wood, or a stick
  • Lots of Candy!!
  • Wrapping Paper in one single color
  • Scotch tape
  • Packing tape
  • 4 Styrofoam cups
  • Cardstock or paper to match the wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make a LEGO Piñata!

1. Put a small hole at the top of the box so your rope can go through. 

2. On the inside of the box, tie the end of the rope to a piece of wood or stick. This will help secure the rope so the Piñata won't fall off when you hang it up. :)

3. Fill the box with candy and tape it shut.

4. Wrap your box like a present with the wrapping paper.

5. When you get to the hole with the rope, cut the paper to go around it. Then use some packing tape to secure the hole so it won't rip. :)

6. Next, cut the tops off of 4 styrofoam cups. Glue these onto the front of your box:

7. Cut out 4 circles that are slightly bigger than the cups. Glue these onto the cups:

There you have it!
Your very own awesome Piñata!

 This was a big hit at LM's party!
I'm pretty sure a giant lego filled with goodies is every boys' dream. :)



Anonymous said...

very nice piñata! thanks for sharing.
I have one question though.
How do I ensure that kids (4-5 yrs olds) would be able to break the box for candies to fall out? Thanks! I am wanting to make same piñata for my sons birthday party!

L. E. Kelly said...

Thanks for the tutorial! One question, though -- was it easy to smash open? I'm worried that using a cardboard box will make it too difficult for little ones to get the goods out. ;)

Event invitations by Tango design said...

Love the idea. May be tricky for the little ones to open? but the little teens would love this pinata! Maybe candy and some cheap legos figurines? May be named so everyone get one? Just ideas

Anonymous said...

I am also wanting to make this for my son's birthday but have the same concern about how easy it is to smash open?

Billy and Christy said...

I made this for our son's seventh birthday party. Making the pinata was easy enough. I also used a diaper box, one that held two packs of diapers. I filled it with a 484 count box of classic Legos (minus the ones my son used to build a train), a bag of mixed Halloween candy (Nerds/Sweet Tarts/Bottle caps), and a large tub of Bob's soft peppermints. The cost for fillers was about $40 with tax - $30 Legos from Amazon, $10 mixed candy bag from Wal-Mart, $5.88 tub of mints from Wal-Mart, and tax. I used a few strips of masking tape to secure it, and wrapped it in lightweight wrapping paper from Wal-Mart (American Greetings brand).

As far as the concerns for breaking the pinata, YES, it was hard for the kids (ages two to eight). After we went a round of the traditional blindfold/spin/bat, we let the kids toss the blindfold and just start taking turns whacking the mess out of it. Ultimately, we had to rip it part way along the seem a couple of times to let it be "bustable." We did use a solid plastic bat, not wanting to use the lightweight (hollow) wiffle ball bat or the the real baseball bat (metal), which we felt would end in injury.

So, would I do it again? Yes, I would probably not tape the box next time and just wrap it.

As far as the little Lego dots for the exterior, definitely follow the suggested way of making it using styrofoam cups and cardstock. I used a variety of foam stickers and the wrapping paper. The suggested way, as pictured, makes for a much more finished look.

Great idea, the kids had a blast! I think they were all glad to really give it some good blows with the bat unblindfolded.

Jennifer said...

To make it easier to open, I cut the box into pieces and taped it back together (but not too well). That way it'll break easily on the sides, and the wrapping paper covers the box, so you can't tell it's cut.

Anonymous said...

I made this pinata for my son's 5th birthday and they could NOT bust it open. It definitely was quick and easy to put together, but we had to have an adult break it in the end.

Anonymous said...

Fun craft !! I am planning to make mine out of square Kleenex boxes. The craft is for a Preschool story time I facilitate. Thank you for the idea !

Unknown said...

So I did this and thankfully I read through the comments. I made a "C" like cut on two sides making it easier but still needed to be opened by an adult. But it was fun and I so appreciate how easy it was, no paper mache mess

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