Most Creative Valentines on Pinterest!

I've been so amazed at the creativity of the homemade valentines I've been seeing on Pinterest!
I decided to put together some of my very favorites--which I think are the best of the best. The most clever, creative, and cute valentines on Pinterest!

Click the links below to get all the details on how to replicate these amazing valentines!
1. Wild Animal Valentines  @ Design Mom {free printable}
2. Monster Valentines  @ Tutus and Tea Parties  {free printable}
3. Whoopie Cushion Valentines  @ Paging Supermom {free printable}
4. Bulldozer Valentines  @ Thirty Handmade Days {free printable}
5. Fruit Valentines  @ Alpha Mom {free printable}
6. Whistle Valentines  @ Dukes & Duchesses
7. Despicable Me Minion Valentines  @ Sassy Dealz {free printable}
8. Minecraft Valentines  @ Club Chica Circle {free printable}
9. "Frozen" Valentines  @ Sweet Bee Design Shop {etsy}
10. Bubble Gum Valentines  @ Project Denneler
11. Friendship Bracelet Valentines  @ Dandee Designs {free printable}
12. Paratrooper Valentines  @ Paging Supermom {free printable}
13. Robot Valentines  @ Lisa Storms
14. Yoda Valentines  @ Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. {free printable}
15. Superhero Sucker Valentines  @ Keeping it Simple Crafts
16. Race Car Valentines  @ Real Simple
17. Mason Jar Bug Valentines  @ The Better Martha {free printable}
18. Stamp Valentines  @ Plucky Momo {free printable}
19. Kazoo Valentines  @ Plucky Momo {free printable}
20. Rock Valentines  @ Little Loveables
21. Lollipop Photo Valentines  @ Home Stories A to Z
22. Smartie Pants Valentines  @ Tip Junkie {free printable}
23. Shovel Valentines  @ Editorial by Tori Spelling
24. Goldfish Valentines  @ Tammy Mitchell Designs
25. Airplane Valentines  @ A Little Tipsy  

Check out a bunch of other fun and easy Valentine's Day Ideas for kids:


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