Heart Collage Valentine's Day Craft

We gave Valentine's Day one final Hoorah with this super easy craft!
All 3 kiddos participated in this one, using some paper LB(4) had painted on earlier in the week.
Check it out!


Craft Time!
  1. Squirt out a blob of red paint on a paper plate and give your child a paint brush and some white paper. Let them paint a couple pieces of paper however they want! LB wanted to paint the entire papers completely red. :)
  2. Let it dry. (overnight is good). 
  3. Cut the painted papers into squares. Again, we had zig-zag scissors that gave the edges a cool look, but regular scissors work great too!

4. With the white cardstock, cut out a big heart for each child.
5. Give them glue and all the painted squares and let them decorate their heart however they desire!

Here is LL(2)'s heart:

Here is LB(4)'s heart:

And here is LM(6)'s smiley face heart:

Happy Valentine's Day!

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